We have a goal to provide affordable home care services

Early Beginnings

Strong Hearts was established in 2008. Steadfast and determined, we continue our pursuit of client satisfaction through the provision of our services. The homes that we serve and the care facilities that we supply with healthcare staff maintain harmonious connections because we have the ability to build and maintain trusting relationships with them. Every new client and patient becomes a part of our history – a story of how quality care and cost-efficient services can make a difference.

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Our Healthcare Professionals

A team made up of the best health care professionals in the state is assembled at StrongHearts Healthcare. We are proud of the nurses, therapists, nursing assistants, personal assistants, case managers, medical social workers and care experts in our employ. We work with you in achieving the lifestyle you want while effectively managing your health at home. Every client has a dedicated caregiver for everyday that they are in need of care. We want you to have a connection with us and that person who is your provider. On your first visit, a licensed registered nurse provides an initial evaluation to ensure quality of care by fully explaining the services available. This allows us to fully document the most appropriate caregiver based on your needs.

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Everyone at My Strong Hearts is super friendly and helpful! I used their service when both of my parents became ill and needed additional living assistance.

Rick T.

My mother-in-law needed short term care while she was recovering from heart surgery. A very kind woman working for My Strong Hearts helped us

Ellen R.

The advisor was so kind and helpful explaining our different options and helping us find home care for my elderly mother. I really appreciate that this service

Ann P.